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I am Rahul Sundaram, a Fedora contributor from India and a tech enthusiast. I am mether on Email: sundaram AT if you want to get in touch with me.

Flock 2013

Flock came up fairly quickly and without much discussions as a replacement for FUDCon in NA.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and from my own experiences and talking to others, it so far hasn’t turned out to be … Continue reading

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RHEL 7 will default to GNOME classic mode

According to this interview,  Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 will default to classic mode in GNOME.  That makes a lot of sense considering the conservative nature of the distribution.  There are other bits of interesting info including XFS becoming the … Continue reading

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Free and open source support for RAR archives in Fedora

RAR is somewhat of a legacy format in terms of compression ability but RAR remains popular in many places especially for its split archive feature.  Current Fedora users are used to installing unrar command line utility from RPM Fusion to … Continue reading

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AssaultCube for Fedora!

AssaultCube is a multi-player game based on the free and open source cube engine but some of the media assets are non-free and hence the game is available in the RPM Fusion non-free repository for Rawhide and Fedora 19 (updates-testing … Continue reading

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status of dnf – experimental fork of yum

dnf, the experimental fork of yum was introduced in Fedora 18.  Under the hood, dnf uses the libsolv library from openSUSE (also used by Zypper) and aims for near 100% compatibility with yum.  Nearly all command line options are the … Continue reading

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Mute in awe

I remember the good old days when I had to struggle with Red Hat Linux 7.2 just to get my Ethernet card working.  Getting X to start was a entirely different ballgame.  These days, having Fedora working out of the … Continue reading

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A lesson in persistency

Matt Domsch from Dell has recently introduced a new change in Rawhide bringing consistent network device naming to Linux.    Devices in Linux have been called eth0, eth1 etc forever but the names were not always consistent or predictable and … Continue reading

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