Kyle needs more alcohol

Thanks to LWN and distrowatch for covering my last blog post about three new features in Fedora 14 feature list.  Of course,  I will cover three more features this time as well just to keep with the pattern but life in Fedora development is not just about technology.   It is a community getting together and often it is fun.  Here is a glimpse of  rawhide report from today.

* Tue Jun 15 2010 Kyle McMartin <> 2.6.34-38
- Fix build by nuking superfluous "%{expand" which was missing a
  trailing '}'. You may now reward me with an array of alcoholic
  beverages, I so richly deserve for spending roughly a full
  day staring at the diff of the spec.

Back to business then. FESCo approved three more features yesterday. Let’s take a look at them.

Upstarting upstart

One of the features that I am most excited about for Fedora 14 is systemd. If you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard about systemd yet, you can read Lennart’s late night novel . When you finish reading all of that,  you will have a very through understanding of systemd and you will be only be a couple of years older.  LWN has a nice and much smaller article about it as well.   I worked with Lennart on writing up a feature proposal and also packaged it up for Rawhide.   It is in the development repository already.

# yum install systemd

Boot with selinux=0 init=/bin/systemd and you can see it in action.  Note however that much of the work is still to be done.   Once we get the selinux policy updated,  we will obsolete upstart and make systemd the default init system for Rawhide soon.   Whether it will be the default for Fedora 14 will have to be decided based on testing and feedback before the feature freeze.   Systemd is a drop in replacement because it is compatible with sysv init scripts and this transition is  easier as a result.   Replacing the init system is grand and bold endeavour and Fedora 14 will hopefully take the first step.

MeeGo  –  Let’s go

MeeGo is a merger of Maemo and Moblin to create a new operating system for netbooks.  Fedora 13 had a moblin spin and since Moblin itself was a RPM based distribution,  Peter Robinson, a community volunteer in Fedora was able to collaborate very effectively together with the Moblin project and pull in the new user interface.  One of the benefits of the merger is that much of Moblin stack and the RPM base remains the same and Peter Robinson is taking the effort to provide the MeeGo user interface within Fedora.  Fedora 14 will have a exicting new netbook interface.

How sweet!

OLPC with it’s XO laptop is the largest vehicle for Fedora deployments and around two million Fedora systems are out there, all over the world running Fedora with a custom kernel on the XO laptops.  The latest revision even includes GNOME and a easy way to switch to it but the default interface is Sugar which was developed in collaboration and funded by Red Hat initially and now managed by the non-profit foundation called Sugar Labs.

Sebastian Dziallas , a community volunteer for Fedora has been busy for a long time packaging and integrating the Sugar interface and it’s many add-ons for Fedora as well as leading an effort called Sugar on a Stick aka Soas which is in Fedora 13, an official Fedora spin.  He and Peter Robinson are now working on updating the sugar interface to the latest revision, 0.90 in Fedora and Soas will feature it too.

What would you like me to cover next?  Let me know your feedback and questions.


About mether

I am Rahul Sundaram, a Fedora contributor from India and a tech enthusiast. I am mether on Email: sundaram AT if you want to get in touch with me.
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2 Responses to Kyle needs more alcohol

  1. Piotr Pyclik says:

    Good to read about implementing systemd so fast, any idea, if systemd will work with system-config-services (which is already painfully slow, but usable)?

    • mether says:

      Most of the services will continue to be sysv init scripts in this release and won’t need any specific changes in system-config-services. Part of the testing would involved making sure that tools like service, chkconfig and s-c-services continue to work well with systemd as you can see in the feature proposal. I haven’t done that yet. Lennart said it should be fine when talking about it in IRC earlier. Thanks for the reminder.

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